March 30, 2013

Charlie Brown

Actually, i must call this a "Latepost" because i went here last Saturday after attending college seminar

Charlie Brown cafe is a new cafe in medan located at Hermes Place Polonia
After hearing people saying about this cafe, i feel very curious about this place.. all of them said that it's such a cute place where there's snoopy themes here..

So, I decided to go there and see it myself hahahaha

And BOOM!! It's real! There's all snoppy and friends here.. I feel like i'm eating at snoopy land hahhahaha a lot of picture have to be taken here

i think you guys have to see it yourselves.. Here is my photo with my best best girlfriends :

First, take a photo before attending seminar *just excuse our narcism*

with Sherly, one of my bestfriend at college *peace*

See this!! Snoopy is having a cup of coffee hahahaha

And here is snoopy photobooth! Coincidentally, the total of us is the same as snoopy and his friends
For your info : they are all my best girlfriends ever!

Welcome to Charlie Brown Cafe

Me, Sherly and Dewi *love*

Action! My craziest friend ever!! hahahaha

Excuse the "aqua" please !  Forget to throw it away

See ya guys!


March 25, 2013

My important things

As i am a girl.. there's some things that i must take in my daily life as a student and worker.

So.. What is that important things?  check it out !

From left to right :
1. Wallet --- i use this to keep all my card and money. so, if i forget to bring this i probably can't  started my day 

2.Missing bee hand lotion ---- to keep my hand fresh all the day.. i really love the aroma!! it's sweet and long lasting hahahaha

3. Phone ----  this is the very "important" thing for me.. i keep all number there so if i forget to bring my phone out i don't know how my day will passed

 4. iPhone --- this is also my very "important" thing when i got bored at work or school.. i use this to make my day brighter.. I keep all my favorite songs here :D and this is the only way i can use to access my instagram, foursquare and other social networking

5. Clean and Clear oil controlling firm ---- to avoid my oily face because of working all day and stay fresh so i can be more comfortable

6. Shinee Star Lip balm --- to make a shining lip ;)

7. Pigeon baby powder 
8. Hello Kitty comb
9. Bigbang small note to write my important schedule :D


March 24, 2013

Foolish bangs

heyy everybody!
how's your weekend guys??
I hope all of us are having a good awesome weekend :)

today, i am having my new haircut.. i have cut my usual bangs become a foolish bangs that i usually used when i am in my junior high school hihihihi actually i feel that i become more younger than before :p
Actually this hair isn't cut by my usual hairstylist because he is going for holiday so i decide to try for another one.. Honestly, i feel a bit worry to try for a new hairstylist but the final look is Good!! hahaha

here it is!! what do you think?? hahaha

March 23, 2013

Etude house

Hii everybody!!!

Emmm.. I'm just come back from my College activity held at Hermes Convention Centre
It's just 3 o'clock when i came back and i found myself alone at home
i don't really know where my family are but there's not a problem hahahaha

 So.. because i got bored so i just want to post what every girl need to make themselves become more pretty and shining as i am also a normal girl

I'm sure every girl have some makeup kit so do I 

Here are some make up kit I always use when i go to work, campus and hang out.. Check it out!!

 Kerastase Resistance 

 Belle dress collogne- Etude house

Lip and eye remover - etude house

missing bee hand lotion - etude house

oh my liner and drawing show creamy liner - etude house

madagascan vanilla flower eau de toilette - the body shop

styling liner black and white ; luci darling brush liquid liner - etude house

March 08, 2013

Mix and Match

안 녕 하 세 요 !!

Hello guys! how's your day?? is it nice?
Weekend is finally come... so excited

In this previous time i found an exciting and fun things to do when i have spare time at my room, my lovely room!!
what's that?? yess! i love to mixmatch my outfit that i can found on my wardrobe
Mixmatch all my shirts,pants with some bag or accessories! i really love that

I got some inspiration from fashion blogger that i like.. Hope that one day i can be a fashion blogger like them hahahaha

So!! here is some photo that i have took ^^