June 27, 2013

Little Reunion

Last saturday i went to had a dinner with my friends ( senior high school little reunion, yeahh!! *dancing* ) we decided to spend our saturday night ( where everybody spent it w/ their boyfriend or girlfriend ) at coffee kingdom which is just opened few months ago 

Actually, this little reunion is held because one of my friend will leave medan soon to have her study at taiwan, gonna miss her so so much! :( 

Here is our photo : 

This cafe is the hardest place to take a photo so sorry of the bad quality picture 

Goodluck my dearest friend :* see you again! 

with martin, he is my deskmate ;) we are really close since the second grade of senior high school :D 

what i wear, a comfortable tee and short ;) really love the color of my tee hahaha! 

maryland monroe! it catch my attention when i opened the menu hahaha chicken serve with fresh vegetable, mashed potato and mushroom sauce yummm! :9