August 14, 2013

Penang art street photo diary

I'm back to tell you guys what i found during my trip to penang..
it's all began when my sister and i take a look on our plane magazine 
we found one interesting place that make us thinking about the same thing in one time ( we must look for this place as soon as we arrived!! ) since both of us have the same hobby hahaha! 

Finally after searching searching and searching through google ( thanks uncle google! muachh ) we found that place and go there by taxi.. 

Here is the picture we take there! 
to whoever that draw the pict that's really awesome ( two thumbs up ) !! 

see! as soon as we reached the place, we found this! ( quicky wear a spectacle due to hot weather and pose ) 
credit photo to my awesome photographer ( thanks sister ) 

found minions on the street! how cute they are >.< 

it looks real right? 

oops! big rat in front of me ( sssttt ) 

this is one of the house there
if i can say it's like medan kesawan street. 

hiattt!! ( you know when i use this pose there're a lot of people around me ) can you imagine that?? 

one of my favourite picture over all 


tadaaa! swingging around with two little kid ( this is the picture i love the most ) 

thats all the photo i can share with you guys! 

i'm waiting a lot for my next trip! see you guys! 

Me ;) 

August 13, 2013

Johor Bahru and Singapore photo diary 2013

Hey hey guys!
I'm just back from my vacation! It's fun and I can finally refresh my mind from routines

My family and I went to Penang, Johor Bahru and Singapore... 

Here is a photo from my vacation :

First of all, take a pict at our new airport ( kuala namu international airport )

Second day, heading to Johor Bahru! Before that, took a photo at penang in'tl airport ( that's what girl do right? ) hahahaha

Feel bored while waiting for plane 

Way to legoland 

Yihaaaa!! At legoland Malaysia ( quickly took a photo before there's even many people around ) 

One of the famous Lego statue ( Albert einstein 100% made of Lego ) awesome!

Third day : hello Singapore! 
It's just one hour by car from Johor Bahru to Singapore and decided to stop at marina bay sands hotel and heading to garden by the bay 

Flower dome at garden by the bay
This place is awesome, world famous flower gather here and the place is really really nice, so refreshing! I love flowers!! 

Cloud forest at garden by the bay
Different from the first place but also make me impressed because of the beauty 

Fourth day : Senai international airport ( going back to Penang ) 

There's still some photo I'm gonna post soon! 

See you guys

Venesia *kisses*