August 25, 2014

Weekend Getaway

Hi Hi Hi.. I'm back again to write about my experience in Penang, malaysia last weekend

I'm quite busy this past months that i havent"t had time to update my blog until now
On my last blog, i write about my adventure to Penang that i visited Penang streetart that's quite unique and artistic but now i wanted to show something else.. Be ready guys!!

Nowadays, 3d museum is like new trend in world. We can find 3d museum in almost every country like Singapore, Bangkok, Korea and many more included Penang, Malaysia

Made in penang Interactive Museum is located at Weld Quay. It's provided us trickeye drawing and make sure you bring your best camera with you :D

Check it out!!

Act like nobody' watching!! P.s : this is me with my mom
The most funniest picture for me haha.. what about you?
This is how my mirror work! how about yours??
Let's have a seat and drink coffee
And this is the last picture of my journey inside the museum
After we exit from the museum. don't forget to take a walk near weld quay cause you'll feel a little Europe there ( in my opinion )
well, seeyou on my next trip and next post guys