February 25, 2013

Sometimes i miss my childhood memories so do the hairstyle

Suddenly i miss the hairstyle i used the most when i'm still a little girl..
I try to tie my hair and it's look cute anyway :p honestly, from my deepest heart i like it very much.. my face look younger isnt't it??

Eventhough i'm an university student but sometimes i keep behave like a kid hahaha

here is some photo of my childhood favourite hairstyle :p check it out!!

A day with the girls! ;)

Finally back after a while sign out from blog hihihi
As usual i want to share my story here How your's weekend guys?! i feel that weekend end so fast.. wish that everyday is sunday
Last saturday i spend my day hanging out with girlfriends :p
we went to Sun plaza to have our lunch and coffee time.. It was great!

check our photo and craziness below!

Venesia muahhhh

February 14, 2013

Being *nerd*

Finally, back after a while
Happy Chinese New Year everybadehh!!
Last Monday i went to Gramedia at Sun Plaza and there's one book that catch my attenttion so i decided to buy it ^^ and guess what??! I love the story.. whole story hahahaha very glad that i have buy it The books really make me become nerd and i almost forget my time because reading it

February 07, 2013

Wishlist 2013

below is what i wih to get
wish that i can tick them one by one 👀

February 06, 2013

Keep calm and eat macarons

who doesn't know macarons??
this little sweet from france is wellknown in medan
Me,myself.. I also love macarons so much because that is an unique texture after we bite it... First bite, second bite and you will find yourselves fall in love with macarons

And coincidently daddy bought macarons home for me

what a colorful and tasty macarons

February 04, 2013

Jeans and the day!

finally it's monday again. back to reality
how is your sunday guys?? fun right??
I spend my sunday hanging out with bestfriends.. the most exciting sunday i have ever spend hihihihi
talking,gossiping,took some photo and many more =p
but i do really miss them now :( we can't see each other for about 1 months
miss you guys!!! muachh muachh :*

hug and kisses,

February 02, 2013

It's Saturday!!

Hello guyss!! Second day of February what a beautiful saturday isn't it? nice weather to started our day =)
Ahh!! I'm so happy right now because final exam is over and holiday comes yeayyy
Chinese new year almost come for about 1 weeks! have you prepare biscuits or cookies?? :p I haven't prepare even one hahahaha but let's try our best so this year could be better than last year ^^
안 녕 🙈


February 01, 2013


Holaaaa~ finally back :(
This week is such a bad and tired week for me and how i hope that i can go refreshing this weekend... do you know WHY??!! yesssss because there is final exam at my university.. and you know what?? i don't prepare anything for that! so i can't imagine how is my grades in this semester will be but i think just one words for that--->HORRIBLE!!
Hahhh but yahh what else can i do
Just pray for the best
babyeeee!! muachhh :*

Venesia :*