September 04, 2013

20 facts about me

1) My name is Venesia.
2) I have one little brother.
3) I am an university student.
4) I am such a korean freak 
5) My friend say that i'm a cheerful girl 
6) All my phone song is a korean song 
7) If i love one song, i will try my best to remember all the lyrics and will repeat the song until i bored
8) i have a dream to married a korean actor or singer (Lol) 
9) I want to be a successful woman in the future 
10) I love my family more than anything in this world
11) I have no self confidence
12) I believe in true love and first love as well 
13) I have 5 best best girlfriends ( henny, delia,sherly, dewi and tiwi ) fyi, i am the youngest one among them hahaha
14) When i got stressed, i listen to music 
15) I love food but i hate being fat 
16) I used to be call as "sticth" when i'm in senior high school 
17) I hate an insect call " lizard" so so much! 
18) Believe in kind hearted vampire like edward cullen 
19) I want to study magic at hogwarts
20) This is the first time i write about my fact 

See you on the next post ! 

August 14, 2013

Penang art street photo diary

I'm back to tell you guys what i found during my trip to penang..
it's all began when my sister and i take a look on our plane magazine 
we found one interesting place that make us thinking about the same thing in one time ( we must look for this place as soon as we arrived!! ) since both of us have the same hobby hahaha! 

Finally after searching searching and searching through google ( thanks uncle google! muachh ) we found that place and go there by taxi.. 

Here is the picture we take there! 
to whoever that draw the pict that's really awesome ( two thumbs up ) !! 

see! as soon as we reached the place, we found this! ( quicky wear a spectacle due to hot weather and pose ) 
credit photo to my awesome photographer ( thanks sister ) 

found minions on the street! how cute they are >.< 

it looks real right? 

oops! big rat in front of me ( sssttt ) 

this is one of the house there
if i can say it's like medan kesawan street. 

hiattt!! ( you know when i use this pose there're a lot of people around me ) can you imagine that?? 

one of my favourite picture over all 


tadaaa! swingging around with two little kid ( this is the picture i love the most ) 

thats all the photo i can share with you guys! 

i'm waiting a lot for my next trip! see you guys! 

Me ;) 

August 13, 2013

Johor Bahru and Singapore photo diary 2013

Hey hey guys!
I'm just back from my vacation! It's fun and I can finally refresh my mind from routines

My family and I went to Penang, Johor Bahru and Singapore... 

Here is a photo from my vacation :

First of all, take a pict at our new airport ( kuala namu international airport )

Second day, heading to Johor Bahru! Before that, took a photo at penang in'tl airport ( that's what girl do right? ) hahahaha

Feel bored while waiting for plane 

Way to legoland 

Yihaaaa!! At legoland Malaysia ( quickly took a photo before there's even many people around ) 

One of the famous Lego statue ( Albert einstein 100% made of Lego ) awesome!

Third day : hello Singapore! 
It's just one hour by car from Johor Bahru to Singapore and decided to stop at marina bay sands hotel and heading to garden by the bay 

Flower dome at garden by the bay
This place is awesome, world famous flower gather here and the place is really really nice, so refreshing! I love flowers!! 

Cloud forest at garden by the bay
Different from the first place but also make me impressed because of the beauty 

Fourth day : Senai international airport ( going back to Penang ) 

There's still some photo I'm gonna post soon! 

See you guys

Venesia *kisses*

July 29, 2013

My college reunion (?) Part 2

Talking about my previous blog

After having lunch at Cambridge, we decided to continue our day out at Sun Plaza 

Go straight to Sun21 to have some good movie with good companion
Guess what movie we have choose guys??!! Hohohohoho


The conjuring!!! Best horror movie I have ever watched! 
Until now all part of the movie stick on my mind,  I can't sleep every night because of this! Can you imagine that?? But still, I recommended this movie to all horror movie lovers!

Because the movie started at 17.30 and we arrived at 15.00, we started to check out best place to seat,chit chat-ing and browsing 

And we find that place in the end ;) yes, we pick uncleK located at 4th floor 

This is what we ordered to accompany our time waiting for the movie

Gurney rujak ( I don't know why it's name like that ) 

Ice cream toast ( perfect for hot weather) 

Roti tisu ( I have no idea why it's called roti tisu but maybe the way you eat this food )

Captured by my friend! Thanks for the candid, my face looks weird here ;( 

My college reunion, finally I meet them after 2 months due to final exam holiday *love*

See ya guys!

My college reunion (?) Part 1

This week is totally very busy weeks for me.. I think I need times for myself, I N.E.E.D R.E.F.R.E.S.H.I.N.G! (caps lock mode has on) means that I really mean the word refreshing!

What I need now is just holiday, free from all my schedule! Seems that I have to wait patiently until August comes

Okay,forget about that cause what I want to share here is about my reunion yesterday with my pals!

Going out from 11 until dark is really something,tired but it's fun hahaha

Start our day hanging out at Cambridge and having lunch there

Me with my "sister" ( because I call her " ciecie " since she is older than me ) 

Got bored cause one of my friend hasn't come yet ( what girl usually do ) 

Then we decided having Japanese cuisine as our lunch 
Go straight to Nelayan Suki :9

Baked salmon roll 

Spicy tuna roll 

Dragon roll 

Continue to the next post about my one day reunion with my pals! 

June 27, 2013

Little Reunion

Last saturday i went to had a dinner with my friends ( senior high school little reunion, yeahh!! *dancing* ) we decided to spend our saturday night ( where everybody spent it w/ their boyfriend or girlfriend ) at coffee kingdom which is just opened few months ago 

Actually, this little reunion is held because one of my friend will leave medan soon to have her study at taiwan, gonna miss her so so much! :( 

Here is our photo : 

This cafe is the hardest place to take a photo so sorry of the bad quality picture 

Goodluck my dearest friend :* see you again! 

with martin, he is my deskmate ;) we are really close since the second grade of senior high school :D 

what i wear, a comfortable tee and short ;) really love the color of my tee hahaha! 

maryland monroe! it catch my attention when i opened the menu hahaha chicken serve with fresh vegetable, mashed potato and mushroom sauce yummm! :9

May 10, 2013


Don't know what happened with me :( 
Whole body aching and my mind keeps thinking useless thing, think that i need refreshing soon!

Maybe by blogging i can feel much better.. Let's see
Just finish my makeup mask with some grape extract and yogurt...coicidentally i love grape flavor so much and it makes my mind relax for a while

Will go to bed earlier and hope tomorrow my body can back as usual 

No photo for this post :( 

Goodnight and see you! Nice sleep everyone 

May 09, 2013

Holy Holiday!

Haii guys! 

holiday almost reach an end :( i have just realized that i love the word "holiday" so much
It's mean that i don't have to wake up early in the morning, spending a whole day at my lovely room, blogging and yeahh.. Refreshing my mind and soul 

Today is quite a tired day for me.. Been going out from morning until noon cause my family is coming to town hahaha! I'm sure that all of you can imagine how crowded my house are cause there's so many children here! Fortunately they have back after staying 3 days at medan 

I went to Sun plaza so early in the afternoon to have my lunch then went home and at the end decided to go to Matador country to have an afternoon break.. 
We go to pancing street matador that is just opened few month ago.. Quite far but the place is emm what can i say? It's the best matador compare to medan fair and putri hijau one 

So... PHOTO!! Hahaha! 

Feel bored at fountain while waiting for them to finish their lunch

Yihaaaa! Cowboy girl is here! Hahaha! Excuse my awkward pose ( so many people are watching me )

With my sister! 

With my mother! Am i look alike with her?? Hahaha

Pirates of Carribean themes in 4rd floor

The ship is ready to sail !!!

Gate to enter the world of adventure! :p 

Jungle theme at the 3rd floor 

And here is what i ordered

Banana cookies and i forgot what it called 

Really tired and feel like my bed has called me 
Goodbye! ;)