April 29, 2013

Wishlist 2013

Suddenly, i want to post some of my wishlist in 2013

As a girl, i have so many things i wan to have and i'm sure all of you also have things you wanted so badly

check it out guys!!

1. Celine silver clutch
I just fall in love with the clutch because it's so elegant yet classy

2. Laduree macarons
I always wanted to try laduree macarons. i'm just feel curious about the taste.. sadly, there's none of the store opened in indonesia

3. Pink makeup brush set
I just think this makeup brush set is super duper cute and must have item for girl who love makeup

4. Mango cap toe stiletto
i want this super duper elegant stilleto so badly... just wait for me!!!

5. Jeffry campbell shoes

6. Laduree macarons chain
Isn't it cute and classy??

7. Red pumps
i just love red colours pumps.. it's sexy

8. Tattoo
okay! don't missunderstanding about this one.. i just want to have some tattoos in my hand but i can't imagine how mad will my parents be if they see me having it

April 20, 2013

Saturday night ❤

It's weekend!!
Saturday is my favourite among the others day in a week.. i'm sure that all of you agree with me "but" saturday night is the most sadness night for me.. okay! forget it!

I usually spend saturday night with my family, going for dinner or just stay at home

Because i'm craving for sushi so i decided to have sushi for dinner..
i went to sushi tei, best sushi in town ;;)

Here is some of my favourite hihihihi