July 29, 2013

My college reunion (?) Part 2

Talking about my previous blog

After having lunch at Cambridge, we decided to continue our day out at Sun Plaza 

Go straight to Sun21 to have some good movie with good companion
Guess what movie we have choose guys??!! Hohohohoho


The conjuring!!! Best horror movie I have ever watched! 
Until now all part of the movie stick on my mind,  I can't sleep every night because of this! Can you imagine that?? But still, I recommended this movie to all horror movie lovers!

Because the movie started at 17.30 and we arrived at 15.00, we started to check out best place to seat,chit chat-ing and browsing 

And we find that place in the end ;) yes, we pick uncleK located at 4th floor 

This is what we ordered to accompany our time waiting for the movie

Gurney rujak ( I don't know why it's name like that ) 

Ice cream toast ( perfect for hot weather) 

Roti tisu ( I have no idea why it's called roti tisu but maybe the way you eat this food )

Captured by my friend! Thanks for the candid, my face looks weird here ;( 

My college reunion, finally I meet them after 2 months due to final exam holiday *love*

See ya guys!

My college reunion (?) Part 1

This week is totally very busy weeks for me.. I think I need times for myself, I N.E.E.D R.E.F.R.E.S.H.I.N.G! (caps lock mode has on) means that I really mean the word refreshing!

What I need now is just holiday, free from all my schedule! Seems that I have to wait patiently until August comes

Okay,forget about that cause what I want to share here is about my reunion yesterday with my pals!

Going out from 11 until dark is really something,tired but it's fun hahaha

Start our day hanging out at Cambridge and having lunch there

Me with my "sister" ( because I call her " ciecie " since she is older than me ) 

Got bored cause one of my friend hasn't come yet ( what girl usually do ) 

Then we decided having Japanese cuisine as our lunch 
Go straight to Nelayan Suki :9

Baked salmon roll 

Spicy tuna roll 

Dragon roll 

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