May 09, 2013

Holy Holiday!

Haii guys! 

holiday almost reach an end :( i have just realized that i love the word "holiday" so much
It's mean that i don't have to wake up early in the morning, spending a whole day at my lovely room, blogging and yeahh.. Refreshing my mind and soul 

Today is quite a tired day for me.. Been going out from morning until noon cause my family is coming to town hahaha! I'm sure that all of you can imagine how crowded my house are cause there's so many children here! Fortunately they have back after staying 3 days at medan 

I went to Sun plaza so early in the afternoon to have my lunch then went home and at the end decided to go to Matador country to have an afternoon break.. 
We go to pancing street matador that is just opened few month ago.. Quite far but the place is emm what can i say? It's the best matador compare to medan fair and putri hijau one 

So... PHOTO!! Hahaha! 

Feel bored at fountain while waiting for them to finish their lunch

Yihaaaa! Cowboy girl is here! Hahaha! Excuse my awkward pose ( so many people are watching me )

With my sister! 

With my mother! Am i look alike with her?? Hahaha

Pirates of Carribean themes in 4rd floor

The ship is ready to sail !!!

Gate to enter the world of adventure! :p 

Jungle theme at the 3rd floor 

And here is what i ordered

Banana cookies and i forgot what it called 

Really tired and feel like my bed has called me 
Goodbye! ;)

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