May 04, 2013

Thai food

Happy weekend!

I would like to share about some kind of food (again) hahaha and now it's time for some thai food ;)
Okay!! If you think that i'm at thailand, you're wrong hahahha
This thai restaurant located at medan so medanese if you're craving for thai food just come to sawasdee resto :D

Last night, i went there with my family for dinner.. All the food is delicious but a little bit spicy.. i think not a little but it's SPICY!
they have a lot variation of dessert and maincourse

let me just show you the picture ! check it out!!
1. we decide to have ubi with santan for dessert.. for your info : it's very very delicious that i almost have the second plate of this :p
2. It's seafood tomyam! one of the "must eat" thailand food.. in thailand itself, this soup is very popular
3. Boneless chicken wrap in pandan leaves and serve with thai sauce! this is my favourite dish after the tomyam soup..
4. i don't know what this food call haha it's crispy and delicious but spicy
5. Asparagus with prawn
6. It's called jeruk bali with thai sauce

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