August 14, 2013

Penang art street photo diary

I'm back to tell you guys what i found during my trip to penang..
it's all began when my sister and i take a look on our plane magazine 
we found one interesting place that make us thinking about the same thing in one time ( we must look for this place as soon as we arrived!! ) since both of us have the same hobby hahaha! 

Finally after searching searching and searching through google ( thanks uncle google! muachh ) we found that place and go there by taxi.. 

Here is the picture we take there! 
to whoever that draw the pict that's really awesome ( two thumbs up ) !! 

see! as soon as we reached the place, we found this! ( quicky wear a spectacle due to hot weather and pose ) 
credit photo to my awesome photographer ( thanks sister ) 

found minions on the street! how cute they are >.< 

it looks real right? 

oops! big rat in front of me ( sssttt ) 

this is one of the house there
if i can say it's like medan kesawan street. 

hiattt!! ( you know when i use this pose there're a lot of people around me ) can you imagine that?? 

one of my favourite picture over all 


tadaaa! swingging around with two little kid ( this is the picture i love the most ) 

thats all the photo i can share with you guys! 

i'm waiting a lot for my next trip! see you guys! 

Me ;) 

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