September 04, 2013

20 facts about me

1) My name is Venesia.
2) I have one little brother.
3) I am an university student.
4) I am such a korean freak 
5) My friend say that i'm a cheerful girl 
6) All my phone song is a korean song 
7) If i love one song, i will try my best to remember all the lyrics and will repeat the song until i bored
8) i have a dream to married a korean actor or singer (Lol) 
9) I want to be a successful woman in the future 
10) I love my family more than anything in this world
11) I have no self confidence
12) I believe in true love and first love as well 
13) I have 5 best best girlfriends ( henny, delia,sherly, dewi and tiwi ) fyi, i am the youngest one among them hahaha
14) When i got stressed, i listen to music 
15) I love food but i hate being fat 
16) I used to be call as "sticth" when i'm in senior high school 
17) I hate an insect call " lizard" so so much! 
18) Believe in kind hearted vampire like edward cullen 
19) I want to study magic at hogwarts
20) This is the first time i write about my fact 

See you on the next post ! 

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  1. hai. salam kenal ya. aku tania lg buat skripsi tentang pembaca blog Elle&Jess. minta tolong buat isi kuesioner ini. Link kuesioner: terima kasih byk sebelumnya :)