March 30, 2013

Charlie Brown

Actually, i must call this a "Latepost" because i went here last Saturday after attending college seminar

Charlie Brown cafe is a new cafe in medan located at Hermes Place Polonia
After hearing people saying about this cafe, i feel very curious about this place.. all of them said that it's such a cute place where there's snoopy themes here..

So, I decided to go there and see it myself hahahaha

And BOOM!! It's real! There's all snoppy and friends here.. I feel like i'm eating at snoopy land hahhahaha a lot of picture have to be taken here

i think you guys have to see it yourselves.. Here is my photo with my best best girlfriends :

First, take a photo before attending seminar *just excuse our narcism*

with Sherly, one of my bestfriend at college *peace*

See this!! Snoopy is having a cup of coffee hahahaha

And here is snoopy photobooth! Coincidentally, the total of us is the same as snoopy and his friends
For your info : they are all my best girlfriends ever!

Welcome to Charlie Brown Cafe

Me, Sherly and Dewi *love*

Action! My craziest friend ever!! hahahaha

Excuse the "aqua" please !  Forget to throw it away

See ya guys!


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