March 25, 2013

My important things

As i am a girl.. there's some things that i must take in my daily life as a student and worker.

So.. What is that important things?  check it out !

From left to right :
1. Wallet --- i use this to keep all my card and money. so, if i forget to bring this i probably can't  started my day 

2.Missing bee hand lotion ---- to keep my hand fresh all the day.. i really love the aroma!! it's sweet and long lasting hahahaha

3. Phone ----  this is the very "important" thing for me.. i keep all number there so if i forget to bring my phone out i don't know how my day will passed

 4. iPhone --- this is also my very "important" thing when i got bored at work or school.. i use this to make my day brighter.. I keep all my favorite songs here :D and this is the only way i can use to access my instagram, foursquare and other social networking

5. Clean and Clear oil controlling firm ---- to avoid my oily face because of working all day and stay fresh so i can be more comfortable

6. Shinee Star Lip balm --- to make a shining lip ;)

7. Pigeon baby powder 
8. Hello Kitty comb
9. Bigbang small note to write my important schedule :D


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