March 23, 2013

Etude house

Hii everybody!!!

Emmm.. I'm just come back from my College activity held at Hermes Convention Centre
It's just 3 o'clock when i came back and i found myself alone at home
i don't really know where my family are but there's not a problem hahahaha

 So.. because i got bored so i just want to post what every girl need to make themselves become more pretty and shining as i am also a normal girl

I'm sure every girl have some makeup kit so do I 

Here are some make up kit I always use when i go to work, campus and hang out.. Check it out!!

 Kerastase Resistance 

 Belle dress collogne- Etude house

Lip and eye remover - etude house

missing bee hand lotion - etude house

oh my liner and drawing show creamy liner - etude house

madagascan vanilla flower eau de toilette - the body shop

styling liner black and white ; luci darling brush liquid liner - etude house

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